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Surf, Sand, and Style: Beach House Decorating Made Easy

Capturing the beauty and essence of Costa Rica’s coast in your home décor – is that even possible? The short answer to the question is yes! Coastal living is all about easy-going, nature-inspired spaces that promote relaxation and enjoyment. Clean lines, neutral tones, and simple aesthetics work together to make the magic happen.

If you’re trying to create a little coastal haven for yourself and your family, the following guide will acquaint you with useful beach house decor ideas.

This article will offer insights into:

  • The most distinctive aspects of coastal home décor
  • How to choose the right colors and materials for that beach house vibe
  • Layout ideas worth exploring
  • How to pick the right furniture pieces
  • What coastal accessories and accent pieces are most impactful
  • How to tie the coastal concept together into one cohesive, finished home interior design
Casa Playa Negra dining room

Beach House Décor Explained

As the name suggests, beach or coastal house décor is an interior design style inspired by the beauty of the seashore.

Bringing the scenic landscape inside – that’s something beach house décor attempts to do. In order to achieve this goal, the design style relies heavily on the selection of the right colors and the most authentic materials.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Just take a look at Costa Rica’s magnificent beaches – the warm natural light that shines over the waves, the unmistakable blue color of the clean water, and the nautical contraptions that lure you to live by the ocean.

These exceptional elements inspire people across the globe to embrace coastal living through the use of beach décor elements.

If you’re lucky enough to own a house or a villa by the sea, beach house décor is a must-choice. It simply works with the habitat and creates an extension of the beauty that awaits as soon as you open the door.

That being said, what are the most determining elements that bring the coastal concept to a home? Here are the essentials you need to put together for the most cohesive outcome.

Color Palettes and Materials

White walls, ocean blue, the color of sand – these are the primary tones associated with the beach house décor.

Stick to a natural palette that is predominantly warm. Beiges, oranges, and reds will work spectacularly well with palettes of whites and blue tones. Apart from the airy colors, you can always feature a few accent tones that brighten the space and make a statement.

As far as materials are concerned, do prioritize natural options. Some of the most inspired materials include:

  • Wood and bamboo
  • Jute
  • Sisal
  • Cotton, linen, and other natural, breathable fabrics
  • Glass
  • Any other material you can find in nature (wicker, rattan, teak, etc.)
Casa Playa Negra living room

Layout Ideas

A modern beach house counts on a layout that maximizes the available space and creates a sense of more openness and airiness.

Open floor plans are a good choice. If tearing down walls is a possibility, you may want to consider such an option when looking to create a better flow through the space.

A coastal cottage often looks minimalist, even if you’ll probably feature some rustic pieces. Clean lines and functional appeal should guide your choices, including the manner in which you’ll organize all of the décor elements.

When considering layout, do focus on scale, as well. Furniture should be chosen to correspond to the size of the room. A large, over-stuffed sofa is almost never a good choice (unless you have a humongous living room) because it will simply suffocate the area.

Furniture Selection

Simple furnishings that are also comfortable work the best in a beach house décor concept.

The beachy theme can be executed in many ways, the easiest one being to select pieces that look like outdoor items. Hammocks, rattan seaside-style furniture, and even cast-iron elements will bring patio vibes to your home.

Some great furniture ideas for a beachy theme include:

  • A white linen sofa (minimalist and streamlined)
  • Rattan or wicker chairs
  • A wicker coffee table
  • Glass front kitchen cabinets
  • Open shelves instead of massive storage units
  • Rattan basket shelves
  • A solid wooden table for enjoyable family meals
  • Vintage wicker picnic baskets and other rustic repurposed pieces (especially for storage)
  • Authentic antique pieces
elegant beach house

Coastal Accessories and Accent Pieces

Now is the time to get creative and have some fun with your beach house décor project. Accent and art pieces tie the entire seaside style together.

Beautiful living by the ocean is all about personalizing your space while finding inspiration in the breathtaking views that surround you. So, don’t be afraid to opt for accents that you’re drawn to. 

You don’t need to look for authenticity or a certain style to make your favorite elements work inside your home. What matters is consistency and the selection of pieces aligned with your personal aesthetics.

If you’re seeking inspiration, here are a few interesting accent piece ideas that work well for beach cottages:

  • Anything nautical (anchors, ropes)
  • Sea-inspired artwork (or any kind of art featuring a coastal palette)
  • Seashells, pebbles, and other accent pieces made of beachmaterials
  • White vases
  • White lanterns
  • Lots of plants and greenery
  • Mirrors and art pieces in massive, ornate wooden frames
  • Colorful surfboards
  • Authentic lighting fixtures (once again featuring natural materials)
  • Curtains made of natural fabrics in the same breezy palette as the rest of the home

A Few Additional Tips and Ideas

We’re happy to make a few more actionable suggestions to help you create an authentic and inspiring beach home décor:

  • Avoid mass-manufactured furniture and accessories as much as possible
  • Instead, opt for vintage and custom pieces (a local carpenter can create exceptional pieces)
  • Repurpose and reuse old stuff that carries the authentic vibes you’re looking for
  • Give traditional pieces a coastal vibe by putting a fresh coat of paint on top (white and blue are always the best choices)

Choosing Indigo Home for Your Project

If you want a beach house décor execution aligned with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, do consider professional assistance.

Our interior designers understand authentic Costa Rican beach coastal design. They specialize in offering clients distinctive solutions that use local products and vendors for the most original outcome.

The team has over a decade of experience, working on numerous high-end projects in Tamarindo and the surrounding coastal areas.

Apart from experience, our Indigo Home experts are also recognized for their excellent communication skills and willingness to put together highly tailored solutions. Rest assured that your needs will be met, and the end result of the collaboration will far exceed your wildest dreams.

Final Verdict

The perfect modern beach house does exist and it is within your reach. Take some time to think about beach living essentials you want to enjoy every day. Look for inspiration to get a better idea about coastal décor. If you’re certain you want to pursue this aesthetic, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our experts and commence this exciting new chapter.