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The Only House Renovation Checklist You Need

Are you getting ready for a home renovation project? As exciting as the remodeling project might be, getting everything organized can also be nerve-racking.

Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the process and feel more at ease. Spending some time on the preliminary steps of your renovation plans and coming up with a house renovation checklist will give you the confidence you need to start the right renovations at the right time.

Focus On the Must-Haves to Avoid Unexpected Expenses

Even if you’re getting ready for a comprehensive house upgrade, you’ll eventually discover that some plans might have to be given up.

So, start by creating a complete list of renovations you’d like to carry out. Once you have your remodel checklist, you can take some time to prioritize the must-haves and determine the home changes that you can do without.

The remodeling process should focus on the renovations you need to improve the functionality of your property. Of course, you can also choose remodeling options that will increase the value of your house (especially if you intend to sell in the foreseeable future).

For many, taking upon themselves a remodeling job is not an easy endeavor. That’s why going over the renovation checklist with an interior designer and professional contractor can help streamline the renovation process and make the most of your money. 

At the end of the day, you’ll have house renovation possibilities that will yield the best return on investment and the most noticeable positive outcome.

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Set Your Budget and Understand Renovation Costs

Will there be demolition and reconstruction or other structural changes? How about plumbing? Electric work? The selection of a new flooring material? Based on the processes you’ve decided to prioritize, you’ll be able to set up a rough budget.

The cost of home renovations changes as the project moves further along and many factors may contribute to price fluctuations. From the overall condition of the economy to the supply of renovation materials and the availability of contractors, all will play a role in the final numbers.

You’ll find online calculators and guides you can use to determine the average cost of construction and renovation supplies/labor. A realistic budget awaits at the end of many hours of research and phone calls. Once you have your number, you can accurately determine if there are additional processes you would like to drop or redefine.

Create Your Design Plans

Since you know what you’re going to do, you can now focus on the specifics and the end results. If you don’t know where to start, search for inspiration. You’ll find a plethora of online boards on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. 

Go through the galleries and you’ll get a good idea of different styles and the things you like the most in terms of interior design.

Alternatively, you can employ a professional to conceptualize your home upgrade. This approach is the easiest and, most of the time, the fastest way to have your remodeling project done as you wish.

An interior designer is also an expert who can tailor aspects of the renovation to your personal taste and lifestyle. You’ll get a custom solution that rarely can be achieved by ways of DIY methods.

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Get a Detailed Overview and a Timeline

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of what the remodeling is going to entail, you’ll need to jump on to the next step on the checklist. This involves communicating the specific types of work that will need to get done. 

What remodeling projects should be the first on your list and what’s the best order? How much time is each step going to take? Get in touch with various contractors and ask for detailed quotes.

It’s important to have at least two or three detailed documents that outline the entire process. Take a look at this sample house checklist:

  • Getting structural problems resolved + other major renovation work
  • Plumbing and bathroom renovation (if you don’t fix leaks in the early stages of the renovation, you’ll have to potentially address water damage later on)
  • Opening up more space
  • Electrical work and wiring
  • Floor replacements
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Decorating and interior design work
  • Finishing touches

You may also want to ask potential contractors about what room should be the first to receive the makeover. Make sure you understand their reasoning for the particular house checklist provided and the logic behind their renovation ideas. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of the remodeling team’s competencies and abilities to handle all aspects of the renovation project you have in mind.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Administrative Work

Depending on the kinds of work you are going to have done to your house, you may have to get involved in some additional steps.

Certain property changes, especially structural ones, may need permits. Dedicate enough time to obtaining such documents from the respective authorities. If you don’t, you risk having your house renovation pushed back in time.

Interior designers know what kinds of work can be done without informing the authorities and when you’ll have to get a permit. Such an expert can also offer some assistance in terms of getting the respective document by applying in a timely manner.

Finishing Touches

When you’re done with the entire process, you’ll have to plan the clean-up and the finishing touches.

There are special rules and regulations to follow when it comes to discarding construction waste. You can’t just dump everything on the street and call it a day.

The finishing touches can end up costing you additional money. That’s why you should keep them in mind when budgeting. Doing some research to understand the costs and the kinds of services you’ll need to employ will keep you from overspending on these last steps.

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Last But Not Least: Living Arrangements

Here’s one aspect of a home renovation many people don’t take the time to examine and plan in detail. What will your living arrangements look like during the renovation process? Do you plan to remain in your apartment? Will you go for a short-term rental or spend some time with your relatives?

Knowing how long the renovation is going to take will give you the chance to determine what’s going to work best for you and your family. A comprehensive remodeling can be a major nuisance if you choose to continue living in the house you’re renovating. Freeing the space completely will allow you to go about your life as usual while the contractors will potentially work faster and finish sooner than expected.