Casa Alegría

Expert Renovation

This home had lost some of its sparkle and was in need of a refresh. Expanded dining area and an updated kitchen, a new look for the living room + sofas, wall treatments, and art. A wonderful example of before/after renovation.

About This Project

This incredible gem sits atop Tamarindo mountain enjoying spectacular views of the lush green canopy and the marvelous ocean in the distance. When our client purchased this home it was in desperate need of a little refresh to restore its sparkle. The look of the home was dated, and the furnishings were black and dark brown, giving it an unpleasant seriousness and heaviness when compared to its light and lively surroundings.

Our goals for this project were clear. We introduced new furnishings and repainted the walls, added Venetian stucco, art, and a few special details to give the home a new personality. The client wanted to enjoy this home with his family and also be able to rent it out when they weren’t in the country. We completely transformed the space by ditching the dark colors and sprinkling in light neutral colors and blues to give it that very beachy and airy feel.

There were also a few functional replacements like glass sliding doors that weren’t working properly and repainting the property. We worked with trusted names like Castelle Outdoor Furniture, Sunbrella Fabrics, Decotex Curtains, and Lamar Windows. The entire project took about 8 months and our client was ecstatic. They continue to enjoy the property with their family a couple of months out of the year and the rest of the time it enjoys a stellar occupancy rate by guests from around the world, looking to experience luxurious comfort and a slice of paradise.