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From beginning to end, our team has the expertise to make your vision a reality.

From start to finish, Indigo Home has everything you need to take your home from the pre-construction phase all the way to a beautifully designed space that is both aesthetically pleasing and a joy to experience.

Home renovations can be exciting. The process of taking a space and turning it into something beautiful can be exhilarating. Every interior design and renovation project presents a unique set of challenges that without the right expertise can be difficult to overcome.

Our team is with you each step of the way to make the whole process seamless and fun.  From planning and design to construction and decoration, we use our experience and vetted network of contractors, vendors, and artists to bring your vision to life. 


Our team of seasoned professionals has had the privilege of working with many homeowners, contractors, and vendors. We know the home renovation process and its unique challenges. We have extensive experience whether it’s a bathroom remodel, a major kitchen renovation, or a full-scale home renovation. Equally important, our network of trusted contractors, vendors, and partners means that you’ll get impeccable results the first time.

Spatial Planning

You have an idea for a space, but the details of determining the perfect living room, kitchen, or bathroom layout can be challenging. We’ll work together closely to understand your ideas and goals for the space and then collaborate to help you plan a layout that reflects your desires while also being practical and functional. 

Pre-Construction Consultation

The best time to discuss your vision and goals for a space is before it’s ever constructed. Modifying a space after it’s constructed can be slower and more costly. During our pre-construction consultation, we’ll discuss the space you envision and make recommendations to ensure the plans are tailored to making your dreams a reality. Save time and money by making certain your construction plans are in perfect alignment with what you want.

Design Boards and Color Boards

As part of our process, we’ll be creating design and color boards to help you get a feel for what the final look will be. This is critical, as we’ll be helping you identify your personal color palette and show you ways it can be tastefully incorporated into your design. Through the design and color boards, we provide a panoply of inspiration, looks, and direction allowing our clients to experience the space before you ever spend a cent creating it.

design board

Interior Design and Decoration

There are many elements that come together to deliver an absolutely breathtaking space. However, interior design and decoration can definitely take a project from great to unforgettable. Our team of veteran designers will work with you to help create your design plan. Together you’ll discuss your goals, the aesthetics that appeal to you and provide helpful examples of colors, materials, furniture, etc. Through the process, we’ll help you elaborate and refine your vision until it’s perfect. Once complete, through our trusted network of vendors and partners, we can help you implement the design and source the pieces you need to achieve your unique look.


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Window Treatments

In any room, windows naturally draw the eye. They breathe light and life into the room and it’s important that they get your attention too. Our team can help you source luxurious draperies in beautiful fabrics to ensure that your window coverings are not only delightful to look at, but also integrate seamlessly with the overall style and decor of the room. 

Window Treatments


Masaya & Co

Incredible wooden furniture produced utilizing a sustainable process with wood grown right here in Central America. All the luxury and elegance of natural wood, without hurting the environment. We're proud to partner with Masaya & Co as we hold preserving the beauty of Costa Rica and the planet close to our hearts.



Katé produces the finest bed and bath linens specifically created for tropical environments. Designed around the notion that when we take care of our home, our home takes care of us. Their luxurious bedding and towels are the same ones you'll find in the finest hotel and homes around the country. When it comes to bed and bath linens their designs, materials, and quality are simply second to none.

Ellen Taylor

Art by Suzanne Wilkins

Hailing from North Carolina, Suzanne Morgan Wilkins has made a career of painting mesmerizing tropical settings from around the world. Her expressive scenes are through exclusive galleries and select interior decorators around the world. Her fabulous unique paintings add beauty and elegance to any setting.


Castelle Outdoor Furniture

Artisan craftsmanship, luxurious comfort, and unparalleled elegance. For over 40 years Castelle's name has been synonymous with the finest handcrafted furnishings. Their award-winning designs are crafted with the highest quality and the ultimate comfort in mind. With numerous collections, Castelle has styles that range from vintage to avant-garde and everything in between. You'll find pieces that enhance your decor, no matter the style.